Pay Proposals

Current salary steps are on average 17% behind the purchasing power previously offered by our state. There was no teacher shortage at that time.

If our state leaders are sincere about supporting students and offering a high quality education, then they must prioritize restoring the salary power that retains experienced teachers and rebuilds our teacher pipeline.

Sept 19 version 4: NCGA conference budget update

May 15 version 3: complete year 1 proposals

NCGA leaders Rep. Tim Moore & Sen. Phil Berger have scoffed at the Governor’s proposal as unrealistic, yet fail to acknowledge the reality that NC used to offer even better. In order to compete for a strong teacher pipeline, NCGA leaders must offer a salary schedule that demonstrates an interest in competing for talent. They chose not to offer a schedule that would preserve and grow the teacher pipeline.

The reign of Republican majorities in the NCGA have been worse for staff pay than the Great Recession

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